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Pomegranate – Crochet Pattern

I crocheted this pomegranate for the Jewish holiday of Rosh HaShana (The Jewish New Year’s Eve) as something to send with my daughters to their kindergartens. In the Jewish tradition, pomegranates represent plentifulness, and they are eaten along with a blessing for plenty of blessings or Mitzvas. Fortunately, this particular pomegranate also made it back, […]

Crochet Festive Bunny

During the transition from spring to summer, I feel as if I’m racing from one holiday to another (including both of my daughters’ birthdays that fall in the same season). Despite of my exhaustion, I want to share my crochet pattern for an especially festive and springish bunny with you. This crochet festive bunny spruces […]

Crochet Baby Eevee

I was asked to crochet a Baby Eevee Pokémon doll from this pattern: Baby Eevee But as usual, I didn’t follow the instructions too pedantically. Thus, the new Baby Eevee was born. I crocheted it with a 100% cotton yarn of 125m/50gr, and a 2.5mm hook. All that remained from the original pattern was the head, […]